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Creating a Forum Post - Including Attachments

By Colby on 11/15/2014

Myrtle Beach Golf Talk relies heavily on the forum.  Knowing how the software works is vital to the transfer of knowledge and information that has taken place over the last 10+ years.  This blog post will try and detail the steps to create a Forum post with or without attachments and images.


Starting a new post in the Forum has not changed.  It is simply as follows:


  1. Open up the forum you want to post into
  2. Click on the "Add New Topic" button (or the "Reply" button for existing posts)
  3. When the "Create New Topic" page appears, start filling things in.

The first step is to put in the general information.  Only the Subject is required, however the Summary is helpful also.  Other options include a Post Icon and a Topic Status category as per the figure below:



Once the base information has been added, the next step is to start typing in the editor.  The various icons on the toolbar all have tooltips that will popup when hovered over, and looks like the image below (The tool bar may look a little different, this is from a test site)



If you want to place an inline image in your post (where the picture shows up along with the text), the Image icon on the tool bar is selected:



Once the Image Icon is selected, the Image dialog box is displayed as follows:



To pick an image, select the "Browse Server" option.  This brings up the "Server Browser" window:



This window shows files that are restricted to you alone to use.  You will have to upload images onto the server (as per the instructions below) before you can use them.  Although files you upload are only available for you to attach to a post, all users will be able to see them in your post.  When you click on the File Upload button, the following window is shown:



Clicking the "Browse" button will open up a window that will let you select a file from your computer.  Clicking the "Upload Now" button will upload the file to the server.


Once uploaded, the files will be displayed in the Server Browser window.  From there the files can be downloaded, deleted, etc.:



Once the image you want to insert is selected, make sure "Relative URL" is highlighted and click on the "OK" button:



The image is now shown in the Image Properties window.  However, depending on the size of the image, you may not be able to see anything.  The first thing to do is reduce the size so that the image is a reasonable size.  The images in this blog post are about 600 pixels wide at the largest.  As you can see in the figure below, the image I selected was 4000 pixels (which is not unknown for today's cameras).



To change the size, make sure the lock is on (this keeps the image perspective intact) and change the size of the image to what you would like:



Add in some alternate text, set the alignment (left or right), border width and vertical and horizontal spacing.  When done, click the "OK" button.  This will take you back to the Topic Posting page with the image inserted.  If the image is not in the right place, you can drag it where you want it to be (more or less). 



Add in the rest of your text, other images, etc. until you are finished.


Should the image be wrong (size, alignment, or something else), you can either double click it, or right-click and select "Image Properties":



This will bring up the Image Properties window where you can make the changes as required.


If you want to add the pictures as attachments (or add a PDF, ZIP or other file), at the bottom, open the Attachments section and click "Choose File":



A file browser window will open up that will let you select the file to attach.  Attachments added to a post this way will show up at the bottom of the post.


Once everything is ready, click on the Submit button (that's still the same) and the post is displayed:



That's about it.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.