Signature Hole Productions

Signature Hole Productions premiers its new video promotion and website to showcase the finest courses along the Grand Strand.

What's important
With well over 100 courses scattered along the Grand Strand, competition for the golfer’s dollar is fierce. Many of these courses
are consistently ranked among the best in the country and year after year millions of golfers find out why. Good golf, good friends, and a great vacation experience are what have made Myrtle Beach the world's number one golf destination. More and more, golfers rely on the web to set their vacation plans and decide what courses to play.
This is where we come in.

How it works
Our custom made videos, available on DVD as a promotional tool, and as a viewable link to your site, not only let the golfer
view the signature hole(s) on your course, but also let them play the hole, tee to green, with an experienced golf professional who'll give them the inside tips on how to play the hole(s). This gives great exposure for your course and some good tips for the golfer from a pro! Make your ad dollars more effective and your website stand out by giving potential clients a taste of the action while showcasing the beauty and challenge of your golf course.

Together with our sponsors, our goal is to provide the golfer or golf group with everything they need to create an
unforgettable golf experience! With the purchase of a premium package we'll film the two holes of your choice with our golf pro,
along with an intro from the clubhouse. You'll also receive an ad on our website which features your course logo and a still shot of your signature hole(s) placed in our Premier Course Directory. A rollover command button prompts the viewer to " Play this Hole ", which then navigates the user to your site and the custom footage of your signature hole(s) being played by a pro as he talks you through each shot and provides invaluable information about the course. It's even better than a caddy!

Whether they link through our site, or go directly to yours, you'll have professionally produced, eye-catching content for
them to see and experience. Unlike the costs of TV, radio, or print ads, this investment will continue to attract customers 24/7,
every time someone visits your site or ours. Contact us to review your needs and design a Content Package that'll have your customers saying, "Tee it up!"

We are Signature Hole Productions.

For details and package info contact:
Brian Noblin -