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Myrtle Beach Golf Talk Is THE Social Site for Myrtle Beach Golfers

For over 10 years, Myrtle Beach Golf Talk has been the social site for golfers visiting the Grand Strand.  We have an active user base of over 1,000 members, and have around 50,000 page views monthly. Our average user spends over 5 minutes on the site looking at over 7 pages.  To the right, you will find a chart where you can see what are site statistics are. If you do a search for Myrtle Beach Golf Forum on the major search engines, Bing, Google, Yahoo, Ask, we are #1 on all of them!  In fact the next site on Google that actually has a forum had one post in 2014!

The Myrtle Beach Golf Talk Forum has golfers posting trip reports, which normally include courses played, accommodation and what restaurants they visited.  The Forum allows golfers to ask advice on where to go, what to do and what to see when they are in Myrtle Beach. Many of the Myrtle Beach industry's professionals follow t he site and many General Mangers, Course Owners and Superintendents are online, answering questions and getting a feel for what golfers want. If you want a peak into the mindset of what the visiting Myrtle Beach golfer is looking for ... you have found the right place.


Visitors to Myrtle Beach Golf Talk are an international lot, with the majority of visitors from the United States (83%) and Canada (14%) as seen in the graphic below (this data is from September 17th to October 3rd, 2010):

In addition, the majority of visits are generated locally, either by locals that frequent the site, or by golfers that are currently in the Grand Strand area (the darker green the state is, the more visitors that originated from there):

What Kind Of Advertising Is There?

Myrtle Beach Golf Talk provides an opportunity to market your services directly to the people who would be interested in them; golfers who either live in Myrtle Beach, or vacation in Myrtle Beach.  We provide a single banner ad at the bottom of every page of the site, similar to what you would find on most webpages. 

There are several sizes and types of advertising available (as per the Internet Advertising Bureau - http://www.iab.com/pages.php?page=6):

  • Microbutton
  • Button
  • Block
  • Banner
  • Text


How Does This Work?

There are three ways to put your ad on Myrtle Beach Golf Talk:

  1. Cost Per Impression (CPI) - This is the simplest model and is based on the number of times that the ad is displayed on the website.  Typically this is determined by Cost per Thousand (or Mille) impressions (CPM)
  2. Page Sponsorship - Should you wish to sponsor a specific page (sorry the forum is excluded from this arrangement), your ad(s) can be the only ones that are displayed on that page.
  3. Monthly - Myrtle Beach Golf Talk also provides a monthly advertising model where your advertisment is shown for a period of one month with a minimum number of impressions.  If the minimum number of impressions is not met for some reason, the campaign will continue until the minimum number of impressions has been reached.

What Is The Cost1?

 There are three areas of the website that we sell advertising for:

  1. The Forum - The Forum gets the most pageviews and is where the majority of users end up.  The forum sees approximately 82% of all traffic on Myrtle Beach Golf Talk
    1. CPI - The Cost per Impression for the forum pages is $25/thousand impressions
    2. Monthly - The price of a monthly campaign is $100/month with a minimum impression count of 4000 and a maximum impression count of 5000
  2. The Home Page - Second to the forum, the home page receives approximately 11% of all pageviews and is the primary landing page for new users coming in from search engines
    1. CPI - The Cost per Impression for the home page is $25/thousand impressions
    2. Page Sponsorship - The price to sponsor the home page is $375/month
    3. Monthly - The price of the monthly sponsorship is $100 with a minimum impression count of 4000 and a maximum impression count of 5000
  3. Everywhere else - With approximately 7% of all pageviews spread through the oher pages (Photo Gallery, Blogs, Trip Calendar, etc), these areas tend to be more specialized in terms of advertising.
    1. CPI - The Cost per Impression for all other pages is $15/thousand impressions
    2. Page Sponsorship - The price to sponsor any other page is $100/month
    3. Monthly - The price of a monthly campaign is $50/month with a minimum impression count of 4000 and a maximum impression count of 5000

For More Information

Please contact Brian directly at brian@myrtlebeachgolftalk.com

1. Prices and page groupings are subject to change.  Please ensure that you check this page for all change notifications.

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